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Monday, May 16, 2011

Spearfishing San Carlos, Mexico - 5/14/11

It had been almost 9 months (scary) since I had dove.  Wow I don't understand why I waited so long when great diving is only a few hour drive from Tucson?  We left Tucson Friday afternoon to head down to San Carlos to get an ocean fix in.  Left at 2:30 and margaritas were flowing by 8.

Seriously people, Sonora is not scary.  Please just go and see for yourself.  Don't let the media ruin a shot at a great weekend vacation!

Lalo Munoz ( hooked us up again.  He got us a great place to stay on the water and also put me on some great fish.  His buddy Carlos accompanied us for the day as well.  These guys make me feel like an amateur!  We motored out to San Pedro Island tucking in on the leeward side where the water was calm and the visibility was 40'.  We hoped to catch the tail end of the Yellowtail run before the water warmed too much and they disappeared.  Jackpot!  Water was a chilly (for me) 71 and the fish were there.

I was the first in the water and spotted a Yellowtail in no time.  Spotted was the keyword here as I couldn't get a good shot on one all day.  Lalo and Carlos showed me up.  These guys dove down to 25' or so and hung out waiting for the right shot.  I struggled to get down 15' to 20' and immediately needed to head up for air.  Need more practice!  Carlos only took 1 shot with his spear gun that he didn't bring in a fish with.  Incredible!  Long story short we sat on the top of a nice drop off and watched 13 or 14 yellowtail hit the deck of the boat in less than 2 hours.  A few nice Cabrilla as well.  An epic day of spearfishing in the Sea of Cortez.

It was a great day of diving.  While I am looking forward to some warmer water I do hope I can sneak in another yellotail trip before they disappear.

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