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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mahi continue to bite off of Mayport and Vilano - Offshore Report

The mahi bite has slowed a little bit but continues to be great out at the ledge off Mayport and Vilano.

Quite a few Blue Marlin have also been caught over the past couple of weeks. Trolling big lures at 8-10 knots in 800-1200ft of water seems to be producing at least one shot at a blue marlin a day. You'll have plenty of dolphin as by catch.

A 380 pound fish was weighed in at the Bluewater Invitational this week!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Dolphin, Wahoo and Marlin at the ledge off Jacksonville and St. Augustine - Snapper Slapper report

Another GREAT weekend of fish has passed. Hopefully the front that just pushed through won't ruin the great dolphin run we have been having.

We put the Bluewater 2550 in at the Vilano boat ramp at 5am Saturday morning. We were fishing the Northeast Florida Marlin Association's Open Invitational. The forecast was for 4-6' foot seas and it was dead on. The ride out for the first 20 miles wasn't too bad. The 25 Bluewater handled the 3ft sloppy swell great at 25knots. As we got further out the seas got worse and eventually only made 18 knots to get out to the fish.

The long ride paid off. We went through 3 dozen ballyhoo. With 1 sea sick person it was just 2 of us trying to get a tournament winning dolphin or marlin. 3 times we had all 6 rods go off at once. It was fun to say the least. We brought home about 15 dolphin with the biggest weighing in at 38 pounds. A couple pounds bigger and we would have placed in the tournament.

A big congrats goes out to Tim Martin, Corey Maire and the reason of the Lit Up crew for releasing their second Blue Marlin in just a few weeks off of St. Augustine. They were fishing in 1000' of water east of St Aug.

Get out there while the fish are here! A lot of other boats had mahi catches upwards of 40 fish! There were quite a few big bulls caught over 40 pounds as well!

Bull Mahi caught on the Snapper Slapper off of St Augustine

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Dolphin Dolphin Dolphin and a Blue Marlin?

The mahi mahi (dolphin) bite continues to be incredible out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine at the ledge. We caught another 14 nice fish this past weekend up to about 40 pounds. Our bigger fish came past the rolldown in around 400 feet of water. The gulf stream was a beautiful color blue! Keep an eye out, two boats had a shot at a blue marlin this weekend!

Katie with a nice dolphin caught off of St. Augustine

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mahi, Wahoo and Sailfish at the ledge out of St. Augustine

We had a another great day of fishing this weekend. On Saturday we had 12 Mahi, 4 Wahoo and a sailfish. The dolphin ranged from 10-30 pounds. The bigger fish came from 250 to 300 feet of water. The rest of the fish and the wahoo were caught from 160 to 180 feet. The sailfish was caught in around 220 feet. This was the second sail in the last week for us. We were a bit north of due east St. Augustine.

It was an extremely rough ride out. Thankfully the 24 degree dead rise in the 25 foot Bluewater 2550 ate up the slop pretty well so it didn't beat us up too bad. I cannot say enough good things about the boat and how it handles the sea. Bluewater did well with the 2550.

Look for weeds, flyers and the blue water and you should find plenty of Mahi. Other boats did well with the Jodie Lynn II cathing around 40 fish on Thursday.

50# Wahoo caught on a C&H Alien
Nice wahoo caught on a C&H Alien pink and blue

Katie's lit up dolphin
Lit up Mahi Mahi caught on the Snapper Slapper

Mindy's sailfish caught on an Islander Sailure

Sailfish caught at the ledge out of St. Augustine

12 Mahi, 4 Wahoo
Mahi and Wahoo caught on the Snapper Slapper Bluewater 2550

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