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Sunday, August 15, 2010

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico Spearfishing Report

We headed down for a quick weekend of spearfishing and freediving in San Carlos, Mexico. Barret flew into Tucson on Thursday and we cruised down with an uneventful trip. Who said it isn't safe to drive in Mexico at night? Silly US media...

A big thanks to Lalo Munoz for helping set us up with a condo to stay in, boats for both days and riding along to show us how things were done. He really made our life a lot easier and I am sure our trip was incredibly better than it would have been if we had to figure everything out on our own. If you want to spearfish San Carlos, get in touch with Lalo at

We spent both days diving in awesome visibility at San Pedro Island. Even if we hadn't shot any pargo or cabrilla we would have had a great trip just cruising around and watching the seals around the island. There must be thousands of seals there - all of which are very inquisitive when you are diving! But we did shoot some fish...

Both days brought us home many cabrilla and pargo. We dove mostly 30ft or higher. We saw quite a few bigger fish but they were a bit deeper than we could make it to. Need to practice that breath hold! If we could have dove 50-60ft I know we would have definitely had shots at some bigger fish. None the less we did great. Here are some pictures:

Getting ready to head out

Playful sea lions at San Pedro Island

Up close and personal with a younger sea lion

Lalo with a nice Pargo
Barret with a nice pargo

A good Carbilla I shot at San Pedro
A colorful dog tooth snapper at San Pedro

Barret with a nice Carbilla towards the end of the trip